Step 7 - The Hosting

Hosting is important, it is where your website lives..
The main factors are:


Our hosting is super fast and is specially set up to host WordPress, our sites will be streamlined to load fast and not leave your customers waiting around.


This is of an ever increasing importance, websites are prone to attack and spam which can often destroy your website completely. We have software running to ensure that attacks are dealt with before they reach your website, and regular back-ups mean that we can always restore earlier versions without loss of content.


Cloud hosting means that your site will not go down due to high demand and our careful maintenance of our servers and your website means that everything is kept up to date to avoid any potential conflicts that may lead to problems arising.


We don’t believe in creating limits that will incur extra fees, you will get unlimited bandwidth and more than enough web space for your website and files. Our hosting packages also come with as many free email addresses as you like. The email system is as stable and secure as the hosting, so it’s safe to use for your main business email accounts.