WordPress 4.4 is hear now! 3 new features for general users.

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WordPress 4.4 has been released today and it is an exciting release for developers, but also for general users.



1. WordPress Embeds

Embeds make it easy to embed a content into WordPress, such as videos, tweets, soundcloud links and more. WordPress will now support nearly every site that support the oEmbed standard.

With 4.4, your WordPress website will become an oEmbed provider too, allowing others to embed your content in the same way.

You can find more information at the developer blog post.


2. Responsive Images

Support for responsive images is quite an exciting news. WordPress will now load an appropriate image based on user’s device and screen. This should speed up your website and conserve your bandwidth. Images will be automatically cropped and the user’s browser will serve an appropriate size.

The magic behind that is done by adding “srcset” and “sizes” support for WordPress. You can read more about it here.


3. Twenty Sixteen – Default WordPress Theme

Twenty Sixteen is a new default template. The design focuses on readability and elegant display across all devices. There a five colour schemes: default, dark, grey, red and yellow. Users can still choose different colours to create their own colour schemes.


You can download Twenty Sixteen theme here: https://wordpress.org/themes/twentysixteen/


Developer-focused changes in 4.4:

  1. REST API is not part of WordPress 4.4 core
  2. 4.4 included metadata for Taxonomy terms.
  3. WordPress 4.4 has replaced wp_title() with an improved way to generate titles.
  4. Improved Comments performance. Comment queries will be split for better and faster performance. (#8071, #32619)



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